Month: March 2021

3 Things You Need To Know About Porcelain Veneers

Mar 30, 2021

While there are several ways dental patients can enhance the appearance of their teeth, porcelain veneers appear to be more effective than other dental procedures. Also known as dental porcelain laminates, porcelain veneers are shells of tooth-colored materials customized to fit over the front surfaces of your teeth. This dental work is done to change […]

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Can You Get Sores From Wearing Braces? Hermosa Dental

Mar 15, 2021

While Invisalign might be the better option, it is expensive and isn’t always necessary for most people. Traditional braces are a part of most ongoing dental treatments since they are a proven method for straightening teeth; however, you may get sores from wearing braces. Since the mouth is a delicate area, inserting anything into it […]

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