It is necessary to maintain your oral hygiene, and the dentist in Houston would suggest having proper brushing and flossing habits after eating. If this is neglected, it could lead to the plaque on the gums and the teeth which can produce acid that attacks the tooth enamel. This would cause a cavity by forming a hole and can not be left untreated.

There can be serious damage to the tooth or even loss of the tooth. If the damage is not too much, then it can be done in two ways: amalgam fillings or composite resin fillings. Composite fillings are a newer option while the dentist in Houston TX is using amalgam fillings from a long period. Many patients are shifting to composite filling than amalgam filling now.

    • The filling would blend in and so would you.

The dentist in Houston would get a composite filling that would blend in with your teeth so that it wonโ€™t be awkward for you to laugh or speak freely. These aesthetics are the hallmark advantage provided by the dentist near you. This would also give you a seamless and inconspicuous blend with your natural colored tooth.

    • No metals in your mouth

Metal in the mouth is the concern of the majority of people and does not prefer mercury as well. The amalgam filling has 50% mercury filling from which the mercury vapor could leak out. The dentist in 77076 would not suggest a silver filling as well in you are allergic to metal. This helps people who do not like metal in their mouth.

    • Have a healthy tooth structure

Every patient would want as healthy tooth structure as possible and so would be the aim of the dentist in 77084. Composite resins are very flexible and bonds directly to the surface of your tooth, unlike the amalgam filling. This would help you preserve your tooth structure as less drilling would be required in the composite filling process.

The dentist in Houston would provide you with better information and guidance for having a perfect filling. Book an appointment today at a dentist near you.

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