After the dental filling procedure is complete, many patients ask: can I eat after a filling?

Dental filling involves removing damaged areas of the tooth to fill it in with a tooth-like material. Although it is not painful, you will need to follow the aftercare instructions provided by the dentist. So, what about eating after filling? Carry on reading to learn about the food options.

Soft Foods You Can Eat After Filling

Yes, you can eat after filling. However, initially, you will have to follow a soft food diet to ensure the filling material sets in fine. Here are some soft foods you can consume after cavity filling:

  1. Soup: No, you are not sick — but soup is a great soft food to have after a dental filling procedure. Make sure you choose a broth-based soup, as cream-based options have high sugar and eat content. This helps you ease into your routine with a warm and relaxing option that is easy to swallow!
  2. Smoothies: What’s better than smoothies? They are packed with the nutritional benefits of fruits, yogurts, and other healthy items you include. You can gulp down smoothies without having to fret about damage to fillings. However, do not use a straw since it can dislodge the clot, which can bring forth many complications.
  3. Yogurt: You can boost your probiotic and calcium intake by enjoying some plain, unsweetened yogurt. It is a nourishing soft food you can enjoy after filling!
  4. Mashed Potato: You do not have to live on yogurt, soup, and smoothies. Mashed potatoes also make the list of soft foods to eat after filling! The gravy is high in sodium, but mashed potatoes are soft, and you will find them easy to swallow. Make sure you do not eat them all the time.
  5. Scrambled Eggs: Maintain a protein intake by eating scrambled eggs. They’re delicious, not really soft, and pretty healthy to eat after dental filling. Plus, you are less likely to damage your dental fillings while eating eggs.

What Else Can I Eat After Filling?

After a few days have passed, you can resume eating firmer foods. You will have to chew a little more, but it will not damage the filling material. Here are some firmer food options to enjoy after your dental filling procedure:

  1. Fish: If you love seafood, you will be glad to know that you can include salmon or any soft, flaky option back in your diet after a few days of the dental treatment. Don’t forget to check the fish for bones, as they can harm the filling.!
  2. Tofu: Another nutritious option is tofu. Packed with protein, this option is convenient, given that you do not eat tofu skin, fried tofu, or anything hard.
  3. Fruit: What’s better and more healthy than fruits? You can delve your teeth into the soft and sweet fruits of your choice. However, citrus fruits and pineapples are acidic, so eating them could be damaging. Thus, avoid acidic foods!

Final Word

You can continue eating after filling, but start with soft foods, and slowly, you can move to firmer food options. At Hermosa Dental, we have a team of dental experts who will perform safe and effective procedures to improve your oral health. Talk to us at:

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