Most of us may not be particularly aware of the appearance of the inside of our cheek. But if you happen to spot a black spot inside your cheek, you could be concerned. Is it just a cosmetic blemish, or an indication of something more serious?

Below are some of the potential causes of a black spot inside cheek.

Common Causes for Black Spot Inside Cheek

Finding a black spot inside your cheek is not necessarily a sign of something serious. For example, you could have a blood blister, which is a sac of fluid that has filled with blood on the inside of your mouth.

A blood blister occurs when the thin and delicate layer of skin in your mouth is exposed to a pinching force. This can occur if you accidentally bite the inside of your cheek or lip, for example. When they form, they can appear in various colors, ranging from deep red to purple and even dark black. Now, because blisters form in response to damaged skin, they can be painful if you touch them or eat spicy or acidic foods. Fortunately, blood blisters don’t last long and resolve over time without treatment.

Another form of black spot may be a nevus (singular) or nevi (plural) – medical terms for moles. They’re typically small, harmless spots that may form on the inside of your mouth. They can appear brown or black and typically don’t cause any pain or other symptoms.

There are, however, other reasons you may develop a black spot inside your cheek, such as:

  • Smoking. Known to carry great risks to oral and overall health, smoking can also cause the development of black spots inside your mouth. Tobacco stimulates excessive production of a pigment known as melanin, which can darken the tissues of the mouth.
  • Melanotic macules. These are flat areas of hyperpigmentation that may develop inside the mouth. They are most commonly, though, benign.
  • Leakage from dental amalgams. Commonly used for fillings, dental amalgams can cause “amalgam tattoos” due to minor leakage of the filling material. These tattoos are permanent but are not harmful.
  • Melanoma. This is a type of skin cancer that can begin as a dark brown or darker-colored spot. It is extremely rare, but a dark spot inside your cheek could be a sign of oral melanoma and requires prompt treatment.

Conclusion: See A Dentist For A Second Opinion

Most commonly, dark spots inside your mouth are completely benign and harmless. However, given the similarity of cancerous melanomas to other forms of black bumps inside your mouth, it is advisable to visit a qualified oral health professional. They will be able to diagnose the nature of the spot and tell you whether it requires treatment.

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