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Is Cavity Reversal Possible? 5 Cavity Treatments that Help!

Jan 30, 2023

Cavities, cavities, cavities — it seems like that’s what all of our dental issues come down to in the end. Tooth pain? Could be an untreated cavity. White spot on tooth? Sign of an early cavity! It seems as if it’s impossible to escape cavities. So, many people wonder, can you reverse a cavity? Untreated […]

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Why You Need Fluoride for Your Teeth

Jan 15, 2023

When your teeth feel healthy and strong, you smile confidently. With our busy schedules, we can hardly take out the time to learn what’s best for our teeth. This is why many people are unaware of why dentists put stress on fluoride when it comes to toothpaste and our overall dental health. Brushing and flossing […]

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My Gums are Bleeding — What Might Be the Reason? Is it Treatable?

Dec 30, 2022

Are you wondering, “Why are my gums bleeding?” Bleeding gums are enough to make anyone worried about their oral health. Imagine brushing your teeth one morning, only to rinse out blood mixed with water. You’ll need to visit an oral healthcare provider for inspection. Bleeding gums are a symptom of gum disease, for which you’ll […]

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My Crown Fell Off And My Tooth is Black — What Could It Be?

Dec 15, 2022

Many people complain, “My crown fell off, and my tooth is black” It’s not normal for a tooth to change colors. Thus, there must be an underlying cause if your tooth is dark under the dental crown. Dental crowns help protect your teeth from damage, but they can fall off if there’s an issue. If […]

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Chipped Tooth — 4 Dental Treatments That Help

Nov 30, 2022

Did you experience a sharp, agonizing jab of pain in your tooth when trying to take a bite out of your meal? Sometimes, a cracked or chipped tooth isn’t visible, and you might not even notice you have one unless you experience the symptoms. Multiple factors can lead to a chipped tooth. These include injury […]

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5 Cracked Tooth Symptoms To Look Out For

Nov 15, 2022

Your teeth can get fissures or cracks for a lot of reasons. Aging, tooth grinding, and other factors can cause your teeth to crack. As a result, you’ll experience the symptoms of a cracked tooth without even realizing what’s wrong with your teeth. But how to know if there are cracks in your teeth? Certain […]

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Can Gum Disease Be Cured or Is It Fatal?

Oct 30, 2022

Did you know that around 65 million people in the USA suffer from gum disease? Whether mild, severe, or moderate, gum disease diagnosis should be taken seriously at all costs. That’s because depending on the type of gum disease, you could either cure it or suffer from serious consequences. If proper care and treatment are […]

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Does Fluoride Really Whiten Your Teeth?

Oct 15, 2022

If you’ve ever been to a dentist for tooth sensitivity, chances are you were scheduled for a fluoride treatment. Most people know that fluoride is used to strengthen your pearly whites, but does fluoride whiten teeth too? Technically, no. Fluoride can’t be used for teeth whitening, but it does have plenty of other benefits. To […]

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What to Do for a Cut Inside Your Mouth

Sep 30, 2022

Getting cut inside the mouth is more common than you might think. Chewing the inside of your cheeks, playing sports, and doing other daily activities might cause oral injuries. Since our oral cavity has many blood vessels, a cut might bleed a lot, even if it isn’t serious. Steps to Take If You Have Been […]

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Cavity Symptoms: What Does It Feel Like?

Sep 15, 2022

When your tooth hurts, the first thought that occurs is if it is a cavity. Tooth decay can occur due to poor oral health and a sugary diet, among other reasons. So you might be wondering, ‘What does a cavity feel like?’ if you want to confirm what you’re dealing with. We’ll go over the […]

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