So, did you recently start wearing your nightguards? It might be as simple and easy as putting it in your mouth at night and taking it out in the morning — but that’s not where it ends. When you use dental appliances like mouthguards or nightguards, you need to remain mindful regarding their cleaning. But do you know how to clean a nightguard?

Learn how to clean your night guards or retainers daily and weekly to ensure stains, bacteria, and other factors do not bother them. Keep reading to learn how!

How To Clean a Nightguard Daily

It should be a part of your everyday routine to clean a nightguard. Since you wear it for a number of hours every night, it is important to scrub it daily to avoid nightguard discoloration and keep them hygienic. Here is what your daily night guard cleaning routine should involve:

  • Rinsing: First, after you take out the retainer or night guard, rinse it thoroughly in lukewarm water. However, refrain from using hot water since that may warp the material.
  • Brushing: Next, you will use a soft-bristled toothbrush to lightly scrub the nightguard. This helps get rid of the lingering saliva and plaque particles on the appliance. Make sure you do not use toothpaste to brush the night guard, as the abrasive chemicals might damage the product.
  • Drying: Now, before you go ahead and store the nightguard, allow it to dry completely. This way, you can prevent bacteria buildup because a damp environment is ideal for bacteria to grow. Use a clean cloth to absorb the extra water, and then place the appliance o a clean surface so that it can air dry.
  • Storing: After the night guard is completely dry, store it in a clean and protected case. Moreover, it is also helpful to keep the case clean and dry.

Weekly Night Guard Cleaning Routine

You should also take out time to deep clean the nightguard once every week to make sure the retainer does not carry any bacteria. Here are two ways to accomplish this:

  • Cleaning Tablets: Deep cleaning is not extensive — it is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is drop a cleaning tablet in a container with a glass of clean water. Furthermore, drop the night guard in the container as well and allow it 10 minutes to soak. After soaking, wash the mouthguard with cool water. Then, store the retainers once they are completely dry.
  • Mouthwash or Hydrogen Peroxide: You can also use mouthwash or hydrogen peroxide as an alternative. Add it to a glass with water and dilute the solution with enough water to cover the appliance. When 10 to 30 minutes have passed, take it out and rinse it using cool water, then put it in a case after it is dry.

What’s Next?

In conclusion, you should clean your night guard daily and once a week, give it a deep clean. Ask your dentist how to clean a nightguard if you’re still confused. Our team at Hermosa Dental is always looking forward to helping you with your dental concerns. You can contact us at:

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