The dentist in Houston, TX, says that one of the questions often asked by his patients is that how long it will take for the implant process to be done. There’s no common answer as the durations vary from person to person. However, it typically takes 3 to 6 months for the implant procedure to be done. The duration may be extended in people who needs bone grafts or other advanced therapy, says the dentist in East Little York.

Taking Time to Bond

Dental implants are different from other options for tooth restoration. They actually bond with the recipient’s body; to be precise, to the patient’s jawbone. This happens due to a natural process known as Osseointegration, which replicates your natural teeth work. It takes around 3-4 months or sometimes a little longer, says the dentist in Highway 6.

Laying a Strong Foundation

According to dentist in Houston, once the Osseointegration is complete, the dentist will place abutment, which is a small titanium connector joining the implants beneath to the final restored tooth. This needs minor surgery and a few weeks to heal. Once healing from the abutment phase is complete, the last step is to place actual restoration.

What You Can Do To Help the Time Go By

The dentist near Houston says that your body’s ability to recover from the surgical procedure plays a crucial role in the journey towards receiving dental implants. You must practice things that help you in keeping healthy during the healing phase. Eating nutritious food, staying physically active, and avoiding consumption of tobacco and drugs.

Special Circumstances

The success of the dental implants depends on the patient having a strong and healthy jawbone. In some cases, the patient may need bone grafts as an initial step before getting the implants. Also, people suffering from gum disease will first need to undergo treatment for getting rid of the infection before getting the implants. Implants may or may not be the best approach for replacing missing teeth for everyone and only dentist can offer correct advice.

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