Oral health can contribute to your overall health, so it is important you are aware of different ways to care for your mouth as you age. Hermosa Dental, dentists of Houston TX, can help you with your dental care throughout your lifetime.

As you age, you begin to encounter more food and substances that can wear and tear at your teeth. These can include sugars, acids, and bacteria. Bacteria is released from each of these, ultimately causing tooth decay and cavities. This makes your teeth more brittle as you age.

It is a common misconception that everyone will lose their teeth and it is inevitable. If you maintain proper care for your teeth and regularly visit a dentist near you, your teeth can last you a lifetime.

Tips for Maintaining Your Oral Health Throughout Time

In order to make sure your teeth and gums stay intact and healthy, visit your dentist twice a year, typically every six months, for a checkup. Here, dentists will clean your teeth, perform X-rays to ensure your teeth are healthy and no cavities are apparent, and formulate a course of action if there are any dental issues you are experiencing. If you are in search of a dentist in Houston or East Little York, visit Hermosa Dental

It is vital to brush your teeth twice a day with a soft bristle tooth brush to avoid enamel erosion and tooth sensitivity, which can become increasingly common as you age. Also, be sure to floss once per day to prevent gum disease. Be careful of letting sugars sit on your teeth for a long time, as this can cause decay.

Avoid smoking cigarettes, as it increases chances for gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

As you age, if dentures become necessary, be sure to clean them and remove them at night to prevent the buildup of excess bacteria. This can cause infections and oral problems over time.

If you are looking for a local dentist by Highway 6, call Hermosa Dental to set up an appointment for a consult! We can be sure to help you in your dental progress.

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