If you are suffering from a condition where your teeth are not positioned correctly when your mouth is closed you will need help from an orthodontist that can treat malocclusion which is the name for this particular condition. If you make inquiries with the dentist near you information will be easily available that an orthodontist is a professional specializing in strengthening the teeth. The treatment despite being cosmetic can also improve the appearance of a person as well as the oral function.

Types of Treatments Provided by Orthodontists

Discussing your condition with the dentist in Houston TX will make you aware that an orthodontist can provide different types of treatments to achieve the following:

  • To close wide gaps between your teeth.
  • Aligning the tips of the teeth.
  • Straightening crooked teeth.
  • Boosting long-term health of the gums and the teeth.
  • Improving speech and chewing ability.
  • Treating an improper bite.
  • Barring long-term extreme wear or injury of the teeth.

These treatments apart from improving the appearance of the teeth can also lead to better chewing and speech function. It can help to protect the teeth from damage or decay which is common in some cases. To achieve these objectives the orthodontist will use a range of medical dental devices including braces, headgear, and plates.

Devices Used by Orthodontists

Fixed appliances are the most common devices used by Houston orthodontist as well as other orthodontists in the country. Precision is the reason why orthodontists are using fixed appliances. People having these appliances can eat normally but will have to avoid certain foods and drinks such as sticky foods, hard candy, gum, and carbonated drinks. If you are participating in contact sports you should be discussing the same with the orthodontist in Houston because he or she may recommend special gum shields.

Examples Of Fixed Orthodontic Appliances

Braces that consist of brackets, bands and wires are fixed firmly on the teeth to function as anchors for the appliance with the brackets usually being connected to the front of the teeth. The wires which are in the shape of an arch pass through the brackets and are attached to the bands. Tension is applied to the teeth as the archwire is tightened. Over time this moves the teeth into proper position. Orthodontists can offer both clear and colored braces at the dentist in Houston would have suggested.

Fixed Space Maintainers

When a child loses a baby tooth stopping the two teeth on either side of the spaces from moving into it until the adult tooth erupts will be easy with a fixed space maintainer. A band is fixed to one of the teeth and adjacent to space and the wire goes from the band to the other tooth.

Removable Orthodontic Appliances

Orthodontic appliances that are removable can be used for treating minor problems like correcting slightly crooked teeth or thumbsucking. These appliances can be removed from the mouth when cleaning, eating, and flossing. The dentist in East Little York will recommend that the appliances be removed even when getting involved in certain activities like cycling or playing wind instruments.

Examples of removable appliances include:

Invisible aligners are an alternative to braces and extremely helpful for adults. These are virtually invisible by other people and can be removed when brushing the teeth, flossing, or eating. The aligner is used for about 2 to 3 weeks before it needs to be changed for a tighter one.

A palatal expander is designed to make the arch of the upper jaw wider. The expander can widen the size of the area in the roof of the mouth with the help of screws that put pressure on the joints in the bones forcing them outward.

Retainers are used after orthodontic treatments to prevent the teeth from moving back to their original position. They may also be used on children to stop them from sucking their thumbs.

As your teeth are not positioned correctly you will need help from an orthodontist that can rectify the problem for you. However, you must continue to maintain proper oral hygiene and visit dentist Highway 6 for exams and checkups every six months to ensure the treatment provided by the orthodontist is working effectively and does not require any further attention from the Houston orthodontist again.

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