Hunger cravings often mean reaching for sugary, fatty snacks that are full of empty calories. The sugar in these kinds of snacks causes plaque formation to accelerate, and the accumulation of plaque is the number one cause of gingivitis. At Hermosa Dental, your dentist in East Little York, we want you to have a healthy smile in a healthy mouth. Here are some tips for snacks that are good for you and great for your teeth. Instead of choosing sugary high-carb snacks, reach for:

  • Apples. It’s true that apples have a lot of sugar, but they’re also packed with fiber, which promotes the feeling of fullness. They’re great for teeth because the dense, crunchy fiber scrubs your teeth free of plaque.
  • Trail Mix. These snacks made of dried fruits and nuts satisfy hunger cravings while providing you with nutrients vital for good oral health. Nuts are loaded with proteins, fiber, and healthy fats. They have a lot of zinc, which is an essential mineral for healthy teeth and gums. Always pay close attention to the labeling of trail mix, as some brands are loaded with extra sugar.
  • Dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains polyphenols, healthy compounds found in the cocoa bean and other plants. Polyphenols reduce swelling and fight inflammation, which really helps teeth and gums.
  • Sugarless chewing gum or sugarless candy. These two snack-like items promote saliva production, which is great for teeth, as saliva contains bacteria-fighting agents and washes away sticky plaque. The chewing action helps promote feeling full.
  • Yogurt. Plain yogurt or low to no sugar yogurt is full of protein and calcium. High-density protein like that found in yogurt has been demonstrated to help control hunger cravings. The calcium is essential for healthy teeth and gums. Choose a yogurt that has no added sugar.

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