Many people complain, “My crown fell off, and my tooth is black” It’s not normal for a tooth to change colors. Thus, there must be an underlying cause if your tooth is dark under the dental crown. Dental crowns help protect your teeth from damage, but they can fall off if there’s an issue.

If your tooth is black underneath the dental crown, read this blog to learn the causes behind this. There are numerous factors that can affect your already weakened tooth under the dental cap.

Why Is My Tooth Back After My Crown Fell Out?

You can protect your weakened tooth from further damage and bacteria by covering it with a dental crown. These dental caps mimic your natural teeth in appearance and function. Nevertheless, you’ll need to take good care of your teeth and follow the prevention tips to make your dental crown last long. Sometimes, your dental crown might fall off due to a number of reasons. But what if your crown fell off and your tooth is black? Firstly, you must visit a dental office for emergency dental care.

Below, we have given a few reasons why your tooth might be black when your crown fell off:

1. Metal Feeling is Exposed

If you had an old dental filling on your tooth, that could explain the black spots on your tooth. Mercury and amalgam fillings can oxidize and make your tooth appear darker.

2. Your Tooth is Suffering from Decay

Tooth decay takes place when bacteria eat away your tooth enamel. You need immediate medical attention for tooth decay to avoid additional dental problems. Otherwise, the inner dentin layer could get affected. Moreover, neglected tooth decay leads to infections. Hence, your tooth might look black when the crown falls off due to tooth decay. Stay on the lookout for cavity symptoms to avoid dental problems.

3. Stain on the Deeper Layer of the Tooth

Intrinsic stains can also make your tooth appear black. Also known as endogenous stains, they can appear when a black substance permeates your tooth. Children can get intrinsic tooth stains due to antibiotics like tetracycline.

Other than this, foods and beverages also leave your tooth discolored externally.

4. You Have Issues with Your Tooth Pulp

Sometimes, tooth decay or trauma might block the blood supply to the pulp. This may lead to inflammation in your pulp; a condition termed pulpitis. When pulpitis progresses, the blood vessels and nerves of the tooth die. Known as pulp necrosis, this condition leads to the inside of your tooth running brown or black due to no blood supply. In addition, the tooth becomes incapable of sensing heat or cold.

5. You Have Gum Problems

Gum issues could be why your crown fell off, and the tooth is black. Poor oral hygiene and other factors can infect your gums, which leads to much discomfort. Furthermore, your gums might appear black or grayish. Besides this, receding gums can also be why your dental crown falls off.

What Should I Do?

If your crown fell off and the tooth is black, you might have a dental issue. You should immediately visit your dentist when problems with crowns occur. The discoloration in your tooth might be because of decay, gum problems, intrinsic stains, pulp necrosis, and more. Hermosa Dentistry can help eliminate your oral health issues at:

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