Life can get pretty distressing when your tooth is not okay. Whether you have a dull, severe, throbbing, or any other type of toothache, it is not a fun time! Imagine you get ready for bed, ready to venture into your dreamland, only to realize you can’t sleep thanks to tooth pain. If you have been dealing with extreme tooth pain and cannot sleep, we will tell you why in this blog!

Why Do I Have Extreme Toothache At Night and Can’t Sleep?

When you have extreme tooth pain, it is like a dark tunnel, and you become the sufferer who is looking for the light. It is recommended to consult a dental expert right away when you are dealing with tooth troubles, especially pain. But why do you even have tooth pain? Here are some reasons why you may have extreme tooth pain and can’t sleep:

1. Cavity

Many other factors, such as poor oral hygiene, bad diet, etc., can result in tooth decay. When left untreated, decay increases and forms a hole or a cavity in your tooth. The decay is not without symptoms, and you will probably experience tooth pain. It can range from mild to so extreme that you can’t sleep. Therefore, consult your dentist right away if you have cavities.

2. Gum Disease

The supporting structure around your teeth, including periodontal tissues, can hurt when they become infected. The plaque and bacteria might reach your gums, putting you at risk of gum disease. If you do not practice good oral hygiene, you may experience throbbing gum and even tooth pain. Other than this, the following symptoms take place:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Bleeding
  • Pus-pocket
  • Tenderness

3. Damaged Tooth

You may be suffering from severe tooth pain, which interferes with your sleep due to the level of pain if you have a damaged tooth. The damage could look like a crack, chip, or a broken tooth. The crack is usually not visible, but you can experience its symptoms. For instance, you may have a twinge when you are chewing something. Or, you may have a shot of extreme and sharp pain when your tooth comes in contact with something too hot or too cold. You should consult an emergency dentist for a cracked tooth!

4. Sinusitis

Believe it or not, sinus infections could lead to pain in the molar tooth. The build-up is present above your molars, and it applies pressure on your tooth as well as the nerve endings. As a result, your teeth, jaw, and even the side of your face become sore. The tooth pain could be so extreme it gets difficult to fall asleep!

5. Tooth Nerve Pain

Your tooth has a pulp, which contains the nerves and blood vessels. If you have an infected tooth, it can spread to the pulp inside and cause an infection there. Nerve pain is another reason behind extreme tooth discomfort, and it could be why you can’t sleep.

Other than pain, you might also experience swelling and inflammation due to the infected pulp. With the increasing pressure in the root canal, blood vessels and nerves compress, leading to throbbing tooth pain. The dentist will assess your tooth to recommend a root canal or even an extraction if the infection is severe.

What Should I Do?

Tooth nerve pain, sinusitis, damaged teeth, cavities, and gum disease are some reasons why you have extreme tooth pain and can’t sleep. Instead of waiting for the pain to go away, you should visit a dentist as soon as possible to reduce the discomfort.

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