Mouth Guards in Houston

If you participate in sports, you probably have gear that you need to bring to every game and practice. Just as protective equipment such as helmets and knee pads are part of this gear, mouth guards in Houston, TX should also always be included.
Mouth Guards Are Important

Why Mouth Guards Are Important

It’s estimated that nearly 40% of all dental injuries occur while playing sports. Since mouth guards were made a mandatory part of American football, about 200,000 injuries to the mouth and teeth have been prevented each year. This should speak to the vital role they play in keeping athletes safe.

Wherever you practice your physical activity, our dentist can help you get a custom protection with mouth guards on Highway 6 or mouth guards in East Little York in the greater Houston area.

Mouth Guards from Our Dentist Superior

What Makes Mouth Guards from Our Dentist Superior

Mouth guards are available ready-made in stores and pharmacies, but these can often be ill-fitting and uncomfortable. Custom-fit mouth guards from our dentist offer the best protection because they are designed to fit your mouth properly. This also means that they are more comfortable than store-bought ones.

Even if the sport you’re involved in is not considered a contact sport like football or boxing, oral injuries can still occur. Mouths are always susceptible to injuries from equipment, the ground, or other surfaces, so custom-fit mouth guards are highly recommended to protect the mouth and face.

Get Your Custom Mouth Guard Now

If you want to start your season off right and protect yourself from injuries of all types, make an appointment now with the caring team at Hermosa Dental so your custom mouth guard will be ready when you need it to pack in with your other protective sports gear!
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