Orthodontics Braces


If you want to make cosmetic improvements to your smile, porcelain veneers on Highway 6 from our dentist are a great option. These thin, custom-made shells can treat problems such as discoloration and staining, chipped, broken, or worn-down teeth, and misaligned or uneven teeth, as well as gaps between teeth.

This natural-looking procedure consists of a dental material being bonded to the front of your teeth and helps to improve the appearance of your smile in as little as two visits for porcelain veneers on Highway 6 in Houston.

Orthodontic Care at Hermosa Dental

You Have Choices in Orthodontic Care at Hermosa Dental

Whether you’re looking for orthodontics on Highway 6 in Houston or orthodontics in East Little York, our dental team offers a wide range of smile enhancement treatments without the use of traditional metal braces.

Also, if you’re looking for a clear alternative to straightening your smile, you’ll love the literal flexibility that clear dental aligners provide. For example, instead of having to wear metal braces for 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, you’ll be able to remove your clear aligners for short periods.

Both types of orthodontics will require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them at top performance, but our dentist and team will provide you with full care instructions so you can use your selected treatment to its full advantage.


Retainers May Be Required

Most orthodontic treatments will require the use of retainers once treatment is complete. This is an important step because without the use of a retainer your teeth may slowly shift back into their original position and reverse the beautiful results of your smile makeover.

Like braces and aligners, there are different types of retainers available, and we’ll make sure you have the information you need to choose which will work best for your goals.

Advanced Technology for Advanced Dental Care

Our office utilizes advanced technology to ensure thorough examinations and efficiency in every procedure we perform – from orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry to dental cleanings and preventive dentistry. Learn how we can help reshape the health and vitality of your smile and book an appointment now!
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