Periodontal Treatment in Houston

Periodontal Treatment 

If proper brushing and flossing habits are not maintained as recommended by dental professionals, plaque will build on the surface of your teeth and on your gum line which may result in the need for periodontal treatment in Houston, TX.

Are you experiencing bleeding or swollen gums, or any other gum or tooth abnormality and wonder whether you need periodontal treatment from our dentist, keep reading to learn how our dental care team can diagnose your symptoms and provide periodontal treatment in East Little York as well as periodontal treatment on Highway 6.

Early Treatment

Early Treatment is the Preferred Treatment

When left untreated, the increase in plaque will lead to cavities, possible tooth loss, and sometimes costly and invasive gum disease treatment. Instead of having to worry about such eventualities, patients can achieve peace of mind by adhering to a regular schedule of dental exams and professional teeth cleanings.

These types of preventive dentistry will allow us to notice any changes in your mouth – such as signs of early periodontal disease – and treat the conditions before they manifest into more costly or smile-altering conditions.

Think about it as spending an hour or two every six months for your dental exams and dental cleanings versus the option of month’s long treatment – including potential oral surgery. If it’s been more than six months since your last dental exam, and you’ve noticed a change in the condition of your gums, please call our office now to make an appointment. Remember: early treatment is the preferred treatment.

Gum Disease

A Final Note on Gum Disease

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, some patients think that brushing their teeth harder will help keep periodontal and gum disease at bay when in truth a gentle touch is what’s most desired for optimum oral health. If you are experiencing bleeding gums, that’s your body’s way to telling you that you’re not only brushing too hard but that you may be experiencing early symptoms of gum disease.

If you have questions about periodontal treatment in Houston or best practices for gentle dental care, we invite you to make an appointment now with Hermosa Dental for a diagnosis and treatment plan for your periodontal concerns.

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