Saturday Dentist

Saturday Dentist

Saturday Dentist

Saturday Dentist At Hermosa Dental Houston

One of the most difficult parts about scheduling regular visits to the dentist is finding a time that works in your busy schedule. The majority of dental offices are only open during regular business hours on weekdays, but most people need to be at work or in school at this time. To better accommodate our patients and provide quality patient care, we at Hermosa Dental now have new Saturday hours.

Our New Hours

Our New Hours

Our goal in being a dentist open on Saturday is to treat more patients and provide proper oral healthcare at times when you are able to schedule appointments. Our Saturday hours are flexible, with our office open in the morning and afternoon.

To schedule an appointment, all you need to do is call our office. Our staff can tell you what times are currently available and set up your visit based on your schedule.

Our Services at Hermosa Dental

Our Services

At present, Hermosa Dental has two offices: One in East Little York and one at Highway 6. We are a comprehensive dental team capable of providing a broad range of services and treatments, including preventive, restorative, and cosmetic procedures.

We can provide care for almost any situation, with some of our most popular services being:

We further distinguish ourselves by offering rarer services like orthodontics and emergency dental care. This means we are qualified to treat dental misalignments or severe problems such as permanent teeth which have been knocked out by physical trauma.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, you do not need to call ahead and schedule an appointment. You can instead come straight to our office to receive the care you need. Since we are one of the only dentists open on Saturday in Houston, we strive to offer superior care in these situations.

How to Receive Treatment

As a dentist open on weekends, we do not limit our hours to only established patients. Whether we have seen you before or you are a new patient, you can schedule an appointment for care by calling our office and choosing a time that works for you.
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