Professional Teeth Whitening Service

Professional Teeth Whitening Service

Most people want a bright, white smile. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why teeth can become discolored. Food and drink, mouth injuries, the use of certain medications, and even simply aging are all reasons why teeth can become yellow and need the help of teeth whitening in Houston, TX.

While it’s true that over-the-counter teeth whitening products such as toothpaste and mouth rinses can help to improve tooth brightness, the most effective method for whitening teeth is an in-office treatment from our dentist for teeth whitening in East Little York.

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What to Expect During Your Teeth Whitening on Highway 6

In-office whitening treatments take about one hour. Before the procedure, it’s recommended that you undergo a professional teeth cleaning from our dental care team for best results.

Afterwards, your mouth will be prepped to receive the whitening gel which is a solution that comes in a higher concentration than over-the-counter options – that’s how we can guarantee results in one appointment instead of the months of time you’d wait for at-home products to work!

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A Pain-Free Experience with Amazing Results

Our patients know that one of our over-arching goals at Hermosa Dental is to provide gentle dentistry with amazing results. That’s our promise to you whether you contact us for teeth whitening in Houston or any of the other multi-specialty procedures we offer in general, family, and cosmetic dentistry.

Rather than continuing to wish you could have a bright, white smile in as little as one hour, why not make an appointment now to reach your goal of a smile makeover? We’re here when you need us, including convenient Saturday appointment hours for even the busiest of schedules, to help you achieve a fresh and beautiful smile!

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