Following the wisdom tooth extraction aftercare instructions is important to ensure a healthy and speedy recovery. After a wisdom teeth removal, you should follow the guideline of your dentist to alleviate swelling, pain, and other related complications.

What to do right after a tooth extraction

  • Place a gauze pad over the surgery area to minimize bleeding
  • Take over-the-counter pain medication to soothe the pain and discomfort
  • Minimize your activities for a day or two
  • Apply a cold pack on the cheeks outside the wisdom teeth removal site to reduce swelling with a combo of 15 minutes on and off
  • Stay away from alcohol, smoking as it can disturb the blood clot and make you prone to dry socket
  • Sucking from a straw can also do the same so avoid it for the first 7-10 days

How To Stop Bleeding At Tooth Extraction Site?

One should expect slight bleeding on the tooth extraction site after you are done with the surgery. You can minimize the bleeding by placing a gauze pad and firmly biting on it for about half an hour.

Swelling after a tooth extraction

Swelling around the cheeks, gums, or the surrounding areas is common after a tooth extraction which will not be visible until a day has passed after the surgery.
For a simple tooth removal surgery, you can expect minor swelling, but if it’s a major surgery like the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth or more than one tooth, the swelling can be significant.

How Long Does Swelling Last After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

Swelling and pain after a wisdom tooth extraction will last for some time and get better within 2-3 days. In the meantime, follow the below instruction to make yourself comfortable.

How To Reduce Swelling After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Apply an ice pack
You can get rid of swelling after tooth extraction by applying an ice pack to the outside of the surgical site.

Elevate your head
Sit in an upright position and keep your head above the heart. When you plan to lay down or sleep, use extra pillows to keep your head elevated. This can help minimize the swelling.

Take pain medication
Take OTC pain relievers to get rid of swelling and discomfort.

Apply a warm compress
Applying a warm compress for 15 minutes and then wait for 15 minutes. Repeat. This can also help alleviate the swelling.

Saltwater rinse
Take a glass of salty warm water and rinse your mouth multiple times a day to get rid of harmful bacteria and minimize the swelling. But remember to avoid spitting as it can be bad for you.

Eat a soft food or liquid diet.
In terms of eating, only go with soft and easy to chew foods for the first few days. Going on a liquid or semi-liquid diet will work best for you. Gradually when the wisdom tooth extraction site begins to heal, and there’s no pain or swelling, you can return to your normal diet. Yogurts, scrambled eggs, and smoothies are some excellent options.

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