A professional teeth whitening procedure can really help brighten up your smile and improve your self-confidence. If you want to keep the whiteness intact, you will have to be a little careful. For instance, you will have to restrict your diet. So, what can you eat after teeth whitening? In this blog, we will mention what foods and drinks you should eat or avoid.

Reason to Watch What You Eat After Whitening

Once you understand how the whitening procedure works, it will be easier for you to understand just why you should be careful with what you eat.

When you undergo a professional teeth whitening procedure, the first 48 hours after will affect the results. You will notice remarkable enhancement right after the treatment, but it could go away with negligence. You will need proper care and maintenance if you want to keep your teeth white!

Your enamel expands and becomes porous during whitening for the bleach. However, it can make your teeth susceptible to stains if you eat certain foods or consume something that is brightly colored. Your teeth can absorb the pigments of the foods or drinks you have when they are porous.

You must be careful about what you eat for 48 hours following your teeth whitening session. Consult a dental professional on what foods to eat after teeth whitening!

What You Can Eat After Teeth Whitening

If you want to maintain the whiteness of your teeth, one of the things you can do is follow a diet that does not stain your teeth. Here are some foods you can eat after professional teeth whitening:

  1. Pasta and Rice: You do not have to give up on rice and pasta, as they are safe to eat after teeth whitening!
  2. Fish: If you are a lover of seafood, eating lightly colored fish is on the list! You can consume fish without having to worry about staining your teeth.
  3. Cheese: Your white diet does not restrict you from having cheese, but make sure it is a white or lightly colored one!
  4. Egg: You can also eat eggs, which are allowed and provide benefits as well!
  5. Chicken and Turkey: You can also munch on chicken and turkey. Both are light in color and acid-free, which makes them a good food option after teeth whitening.

Foods to Avoid

There are certain foods and drinks you should avoid after your teeth whitening. This includes coffee, tea, and red wine – yes, you read that right. These drinks contain agents that can leave a mark on the porous surface of your teeth and weaken the enamel. Other than this, you should avoid sweets and tobacco, too!

Final Takeaway

Professional teeth whitening brightens up your smile and provides you with lasting results. You can ensure your teeth remain right with proper maintenance, which includes altering your diet for at least 48 hours following the session.

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