If you think brushing your teeth is the most important activity in the oral hygienic process, then you are not wrong but not completely right also because if you don’t floss in between teeth, then you may end up with problems like cavities, gums disease and so on. Even dentist in Houston TX gives more focus to flossing as compared to brushing because flossing removes the bacteria in between the teeth where the brush cannot reach.

Now you must have this question that should you floss before or after brushing

According to the dentist Highway 6, it doesn’t matter whether you floss before or after brushing but there is some advantage when you floss before brushing because flossing helps to remove the bacteria in between the teeth and it also loosens up the plaque which caters over the teeth.

When to floss

This is another dilemma which people face. Many people say you have to floss two times a day, whereas some say one time in a day also works. According to the dentist in Porter, TX, you have to do flossing at least one time in a day. It would be better if you do it two times a day: morning and night. You also avoid lots of teeth problems because of flossing and provide you the best teeth ever.

How to floss

Most of the people fail to understand how to floss. According to the dentist in East little York, many people become more aggressive while flossing, which leads to bleeding in between teeth. You need to floss very gently and not leave any space in between the teeth. With the help of flossing, you feel that your mouth is clean.

Flossing is a wonderful way to keep your teeth clean and bacteria free. If you use them properly, then you will not get stuck in any kind of teeth problems. You also need to get regular checkup so you can approach the dentist in Houston. There are many professional dentists like Hermosa Dental, who can help you to have the right technique.

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