Are your gums bleeding when flossing?

Dentists recommend regular flossing to get rid of the debris and bacteria in spaces where a toothbrush cannot reach. Many patients complain of bleeding gums when they floss, which could be due to a number of reasons. We will discuss why your gums might be bleeding when flossing. Carry on reading to learn!

Causes of Gums Bleeding When Flossing

There are several factors that could be responsible for bleeding gums when you are flossing. From minor causes such as improper flossing technique to severe conditions like gum disease, there are many reasons. Here is an insight on why your gums might be bleeding when you floss:

  1. Improper Flossing Method: If you do not follow the proper steps of flossing, it can result in bleeding. Make sure you are not aggressive when you floss and stick to the dentist’s instructions.
  2. Tartar: Plaque is the reason behind cavities, decay, and other dental issues. When it manages to stay longer, it hardens and turns into tartar. Tartar can cause bleeding when you brush or floss, and you will need a professional dental cleaning session to get it removed.
  3. Bacteria Around Dental Restorations: Each of your teeth needs attention when you are flossing, including the ones with dental restorations. It is possible that bacteria have accumulated around the dental restoration, especially if the restoration is damaged or poorly fitted. You will notice bleeding gums when flossing if this is the case!
  4. Irregular Dental Cleanings: Did you miss a dental cleaning session? When you do not receive regular dental cleanings, it can allow bacteria and tartar to build up in your mouth, leading to oral health problems. This can be why you have bleeding gums!
  5. Periodontal Disease: Not every cause of bleeding gums is minor – you may be dealing with gum disease if you notice blood when you floss, brush, or randomly. When gums are infected or have another issue, bleeding is one of the symptoms. You will need to visit a periodontist!
  6. Oral Cancer: Many people confuse oral cancer with gum disease. If your dental care specialist suspects you have oral cancer, they will recommend the relevant tests and oral cancer screening.
  7. Nutritional Deficiency: If you have a diet that is low in Vitamin C or Vitamin K, it might be why you have bleeding gums when you floss. Vitamin C is useful in repairing damaged gum tissues and Vitamin K is needed for blood clotting. Both vitamins help you achieve healthy teeth and bones. Therefore, nutritional deficiency can be the reason your gums are bleeding when you floss.

Closing Note

If your gums are bleeding when you floss, it could be due to improper flossing, tartar, nutritional deficiency, irregular dental cleanings, gum disease, and more. You should consult a dental professional to determine the reason behind bleeding gums.

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