Imagine you had a long day, and you were really looking forward to dinner — only to experience a sharp twinge when biting down. There is nothing worse than tooth pain, especially because you never know the exact cause until after a proper examination. If you have tooth pain when biting down, there could be multiple reasons why it happens. Cracked teeth, cavities, improper fitting of dental restorations, and many other causes can cause your tooth to hurt when you bite down. Learn all about it in this blog!

Reasons You Have Tooth Pain When Biting Down

You might have tooth pain when biting down due to a number of reasons. Knowing what is causing the pain can help you resolve the discomfort soon and cater to your oral health needs. Here are some common reasons why your tooth hurts when you bite down:

  1. Cavity
    Cavity or tooth decay is among the most common causes of tooth pain. When your tooth has decay, it only progresses until you receive dental treatment. So, when left untreated, the decay forms a hole in your tooth by eroding the enamel layer. When you have a cavity, your tooth will hurt upon biting down. This is why it is important to keep up with your regular dental examinations, during which the dentist can spot any issues with your dental health and proceed with suitable treatment.
  2. Cracked or Injured Tooth
    Though a crack is not always visible, it is a possible reason why your tooth hurts when you bite down. So, you may have pain when biting down due to an injured, loose, or cracked tooth. This can happen for a number of reasons, including accidents, bruxism, impact, natural wear and tear, etc. You’ll need to visit an emergency dentist if you suspect a cracked tooth!
  3. Malocclusion
    If your upper teeth and lower teeth do not align properly, it is known as malocclusion. This affects their stability, causing your teeth to wear down over time. A misaligned bite opens the gateway for other dental issues, from decay to gum disease. You should get your teeth examined and receive treatment as early as possible. Tooth pain, when biting down, is one of the discomforts that results from malocclusion.
  4. Loose Filling or Crown
    Do you have a dental filling? They are used to repair cavities and save your tooth from further damage. Dental crowns are another restoration option that helps keep your damaged tooth safe from outside factors. If you have loose, poorly fitted, or even broken dental restorations, it can cause tooth pain when you bite down. There are many reasons behind loose crowns or filling, but the important thing is to get professional help!
  5. Abscessed Tooth
    The pulp of your tooth can become inflamed due to decay, periodontitis, and damage. As a result, you might notice a pocket of pus where teeth meet the bone, known as an abscess. It is a painful condition that can result in discomfort when biting down. You will need to seek immediate dental attention!

Final Takeaway

Abscess, loose filling or crown, cracked tooth, cavity, and malocclusion are some reasons why you might have tooth pain when biting down. You will need to visit a dentist to seek suitable treatment!

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