Periodontal treatment becomes essential when different conditions affect the well-being of your gums and areas of your jawbone holding your teeth in place. Periodontal care and maintenance of the proper variety is a requirement for retaining your teeth. The health of your gums can enhance the appearance of your teeth. Your gums begin to recede, swell or change color to red when they become unhealthy. In advanced conditions, periodontitis destroys the supporting bone causing your teeth to shift, loosen and fall out. These changes not only hamper your ability to speak and chew properly but also affect your smile. Gum disease can also contribute to strokes, Alzheimer’s and heart disease. If you are suffering from a periodontal disease it would be essential for you to seek periodontal treatment from a periodontist near you.

Periodontal Health Also Affects Women

Hormonal fluctuations can affect gingival tissues throughout a woman’s life. The fluctuations are most notable during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. Taking oral contraceptives or hormonal replacement therapies can also affect the gingival tissues. Studies conducted by numerous sources suggest that estrogen and progesterone can alter the microenvironment of the oral microorganisms causing symptoms like increased gum sensitivity, swelling, bright red appearance, bleeding gums as well as extreme tenderness. The studies state that home care instructions by dental hygienists and diligent plaque control on the part of the people affected in any periodontal treatment that is needed can help to successfully manage the symptoms. However, if proper plaque control is not managed during the initial stages treatment from the dentist in Houston, TX, will become inevitable for periodontal disease.

Tobacco Has a Role to Play in Periodontal Disease

People are familiar with the links of tobacco and lung disease, heart disease, and cancer. Not many are however familiar that the use of tobacco is also linked to periodontal disease. The severity of the condition among smokers will be higher than non-smokers. It can lead to a greater incidence of the formation of calculus on the teeth, greater loss of bone and fiber that hold the teeth in the mouth and deeper pockets between the gums and teeth. The chances of developing oral cancer are also enhanced by using tobacco and other similar products.

Nicotine slows down the healing and reduces the success of periodontal treatment as well as dental implants. The dentist offering periodontal treatment in Houston, TX, suggests cessation from smoking on reducing the number of cigarettes to achieve better success when treating periodontal disease.

Oral Health Problems of Diabetics

Individuals suffering from uncontrolled diabetes are at a higher risk of contracting bacterial infections in the mouth. These infections can impair their ability to process insulin to result in greater difficulty in managing the condition of diabetes. Treating diabetics will be difficult because periodontal diseases will be severe than among non-diabetics.

What Can People do to Avoid Periodontal Disease?

Firstly, people must not ignore any signs of bleeding from their gums when brushing and flossing because it is a sign of gingivitis which indicates that an infection exists in their mouths. They must contact the dentist in Houston, TX, immediately and obtain the advice on how to control the condition in its initial stages.

The condition of gingivitis would only have developed after people ignored brushing and flossing every day and visiting their dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. Identifying signs of gingivitis or periodontitis is impossible for the average individual but is just part of the job for a dentist or periodontist. This condition only develops after people allow the plaque to harden into tartar by ignoring the initial warning signs. While plaque can easily be managed by home care like brushing and flossing tartar can only be removed by a dentist in a deep cleaning procedure.

People that have already developed periodontitis can either visit the dentist for periodontal treatment in Houston, TX, or be prepared to invest in major dental restoration work if they wish to even have a semblance of a smile.

With problems like periodontitis people are suggested to put the fear of the dentist behind their backs and search for the treatment they need immediately as they notice the symptoms. The flexibility of waiting for the condition to advance further will not be available to them because it would destroy their oral health completely.

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