Dental crowns` are tooth-like caps that restore a decaying or severely damaged tooth. Not only do tooth crowns save the aesthetics of your smile, but they also prevent your teeth from further harm. While they are pretty strong, dental crowns can cause discomfort in a few circumstances. Therefore, it is possible to feel tooth pain under the crown that comes and goes, even if the cap was placed months or years ago. To know the probable causes, keep reading!

What is Tooth Pain Under the Crown that Comes and Goes Trying to Tell Me?

Tooth pain crown is not a rare experience, but it’s important to determine the cause. In some cases, tooth pain under the crown comes and goes because of improper fitting of the dental restoration. Although usually, the fix is simple, there are certain scenarios that are deemed severe.

Below, you’ll find a list of potential causes of pain under the tooth crown that comes and goes:

  1. Infection
    Sometimes, an infected tooth becomes extremely weak, which calls for the need for a dental crown. Though uncommon, an infection might still be present in the tooth underneath the dental cap. With With bacteria sticking to the crown, you may feel pain when biting down or applying pressure on the affected tooth, signifying an infection.
  2. Tooth Cavity
    In some instances, bacteria sneak under the crown and into the tooth under protection. Gradually, decay develops and forms a cavity if left untreated. This could cause tooth pain under the crown that comes and goes.
  3. Gum Recession
    Do you feel tooth sensitivity with the crown? If you experience discomfort when cool or hot foods, beverages, and air comes in contact with the tooth — you may be dealing with gum recession. A yellow line or area close to the base of the dental crown might be a sign you have receding gum, which means you should visit a periodontist right away.
  4. Cracked Tooth
    Even if the fracture is minor, the resulting pain could be agonizing. You may feel either inconsiderate or president throb, along with sensitivity in the tooth. You’ll need to seek emergency dental services for a cracked tooth.
  5. Inadequate Crown Fitting
    The reason tooth pain under the crown comes and goes could be simply because the dental crown is loosely-fitted. Visit your dental specialist if you suspect this.
  6. Teeth Grinding
    Clenching teeth is a habit many people have mostly done unconsciously. It can lead to multiple dental health issues, including loosening the crown from its place. You may feel tooth pain under the crown that comes and goes due to bruxism.

Treating Tooth Pain Under Crown

Your dentist can determine the cause of your tooth pain under the crown and proceed with the required method of treatment. You can, however, try the following to alleviate the discomfort while you wait to visit the dentist;

      • Rinsing and gargling with a lukewarm saltwater solution.
      • Taking OTC pain medications.
      • Applying a cold compress on the area.
      • Brushing the crown with a toothbrush that has soft bristles.
      • Steering clear of foods and beverages that are acidic, sticky, hard, and sugary.
      • Avoiding biting down on anything too hard.
      • Visiting the dentist regularly for routine cleaning and examination.

Final Note

Tooth pain under the crown that comes and goes could indicate infection, gum recession, aggressive brushing, loose crown, and more. Talk to our Hermosa Dental team now at:

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